Growing up in Arizona, Kelsey's enjoyment of Mexican food has grown into a full-on love affair over the past three decades. The ones who know her best know that the staple snack of chips and salsa can always be found in her pantry, and she believes that all of life's events, whether celebratory or stressful, should be honored with soft-shell tacos and and a salt-rimmed margarita.  

When it comes to yoga, Kelsey's story is not one of love at first sight. After trying her first class in high school at the local studio where her friends worked, she dabbled in the occasional class over the next 3 years, but stuck to her main physical activity which was dance. Then, upon getting a part-time job with lululemon in college, everything changed. The vinyasa style of yoga called her back to her mat time and time again, and the teachings of the likes of Alex Austin, Danielle Campagna and Kourtney Kaas inspired her to pursue teaching herself.

Upon moving to Boulder, CO in 2012, Kelsey was granted a scholarship to partake in Om Time's 200 hour teacher training with Shannon Paige, Gina Caputo, Nancy-Kate Williams and Nichole Golden. Here she learned to create sequences that are thoughtful, fluid and accessible. Providing her students with a music playlist that compliments the movement is what keeps Kelsey inspired and motivated to continuously evolve her teaching style and her practice.


Kelsey's mission is to remind people that they are whole, complete, and that we are all in this together.

Through her teaching, she creates an environment that is approachable, yet challenges you to tap into your best self. Offering a space that is inviting and encourages you to show up just as you are is what lights her up. Her classes are real, encouraging, at times humorous, and always accompanied by her latest musical obsessions. 

Kelsey is intuitive and supportive to what her students need and guides you in a way that makes sure you feel good and can’t wait to take another of her classes soon. She’s helped me grow my practice on the mat as well as opening my mind to ways of practicing off the mat. I highly recommend her for energizing classes or slow flow classes any day of the week! Not to mention that her playlists for classes are ON FIRE!
— Carly Otte, Amana Yoga Member